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Song Ji-hyo were jealous Kim Jong-kook picked Jeon So-min but not her in the latest episode of “Running Man”

Song Ji-hyo expressed her disappointment with Kim Jong-kook.

The latest episode of SBS’ “Running Man,” which aired on July 17th, was a special called “Happy Sharing Life,” in which the members received coins through four missions.

In this episode, the members will be punished according to the number of coins. When the penalty list appeared, the members agreed to “share the coins” to avoid the worst mission.

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Jeon So-min said, “Se-chan had a lot of influence in the Jeju Island episode. I don’t feel very good about it.”

In response, Ha-ha said, “Isn’t it weird to take you instead?” and Yoo Jae-seok also revealed, “So-min also had a blind date in the middle,” giving a laugh.

running man

Kim Jong-kook suddenly brought up the story of a U.S trip, saying “So-min appeared on my channel and asked me to go on a trip to the U.S with Se-chan”. Song Ji-hyo responded, “If I tell him to take me along, he won’t go”, expressing her disappointment.

Yoo Jae-seok told a story, saying “So-min asked Jong-kook to let her go together with him when he went to the U.S to perform. Then she asked if Ji-hyo unnie could join them but Jong-kook didn’t agree.”

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Song Ji-hyo complained, “I didn’t ask to go alone but suggested going together with So-min. It turned out that I’m the only person who was not allowed to go”. Jeon So-min said, “I guess I was like a smokescreen.”

Song Ji-hyo pointed to herself, Yang Se-chan and Jeon So-min, saying “Let’s not go, all three of us”, adding, “Doesn’t it look like a couple trip?”. At that moment, Ji Seok-jin suddenly said, “If I join, everything will be solved”, making everyone laugh.

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