Fans of “Squid Game” gathered for the “Green Light Red Light” game in the Netherlands last weekend

The Netherlands excitedly joined the real-life version of the “Green Light Red Light” game with Young-hee the doll.

On major SNS such as TikTok, many have posted photos and videos of the “Squid Game” event held in the Netherlands on Oct 16th and 17th. The event was organized by Netflix to promote “Squid Game” and was held throughout major cities. The crowd filling up the square has proven the drama’s popularity.

Squid Game Netherlands

At the game site, there were the tagger doll Young-hee and people dressed as staff which was part of the drama, increasing the concentration level of the game. 

Squid Game Netherlands

Dutch citizens who participated in the event played the “Green Light Red Light” game by following the sentence “Mugung flower has bloomed”, which is the Korean version of “Green Light Red Light”, with a serious look on their faces. 

Squid Game Netherlands

Local media reported, “Unlike those who were brutally murdered after being eliminated from the “Squid Game”, only the numbers of the eliminated were called. Hundreds of people had gathered and enjoyed the game.” Organizers initially allowed only people that are 16-year-old or older to participate, but changed the rules to allow children aged 10 to 12 to participate in the game with the consent of their parents. 

Squid Game Netherlands
squid game 19102021 6

The “Green Light Red Light” game was played by 6 people per group. Those who passed the game in first place were given gifts prepared by Netflix. On the outside of the black box, the symbol “○△□” was engraved. Inside were a dalgona tin case, marbles, and green sportswear that has the same design as the main character’s outfit in the drama. 

Squid Game Netherlands
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Meanwhile, “Squid Game” received a recommended age rating of 16 or older in the Netherlands.

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