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Dawn will reveal the behind-the-scenes of his proposal to Hyun-ah in upcoming episode of “Radio Star”

Singer Dawn will appear on “Radio Star” to reveal the behind-the-scenes story about the proposal ring he presented to Hyun-ah.

The new episode of MBC’s variety program “Radio Star,” which will air on July 13th, has the theme of “Why Dance Talents?,” starring Kim Jong-min, Honey J, Dawn, Jo Kwon and Meenoi.

Dawn Jo Kwon

In this episode, Dawn showed off his sweet affection for his girlfriend Hyun-ah. Dawn comes to the show for the first time in two years and will reveal the behind-the-scenes story about the proposal ring he recently presented to Hyun-ah. At the same time, he reveals his true feelings about marrying Hyun-ah at the recording studio.

Dawn Jo Kwon

Dawn says he was shocked to hear a song sung by Hyun-ah during a date. He also declares that he has started exercising to improve his thin body, confessing that he has an exceptionally developed body part.

Dawn Jo Kwon

In addition, singer Jo Kwon, who is drawing attention for his kapp dance and unconventional high-heeled dance, also appears in this episode, raising expectations. He tells the story of 2AM’s comeback as a full group in seven years and reveals related information. In particular, he also reveals that Park Jin-young, the founder of the “half-air half-voice” technique, has changed 180 degrees from the past. Jo Kwon recently found a new talent as he appeared in musicals. 

Dawn Jo Kwon

‘Radio Star’ airs every Wednesday night at 10:20 (Korean time).

Source: Daum

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