The reasons why Squid Game became a global hit

Here are the reasons why Netflix’s sensation Squid Game could go viral globally in just a short time.

According to statistics, the number of Squid Game hashtags on the video-sharing platform TikTok has crossed 33.3 billion. What are the factors that help the Korean TV series become so popular around the world? Let’s find out together!

There’s probably no need to go through the storyline of Squid Game anymore because everyone must have watched or heard of it at least once. Let’s jump straight to the main point. What makes Squid Game so famous? 

The first reason is the power of Word of mouth

Squid Game stands out for its uniqueness that is not based on any existing ideas or concepts. There are some comments accusing the Korean series of ripping off the Japanese film As The Gods Will. However, many viewers claim that although the two productions do share the idea of turning children’s games into lethal killing machines, the similarities are not that severe to be called plagiarism. 

The uniqueness and creativity of Squid Game has made it popular. Squid Game is like a breath of fresh air for overseas fans. According to some sources, the series was only marketed in Korea and Asian countries, without any promotion in the US.

But social media platforms have universalized its attraction, especially on Twitter and TikTok. “Everybody heard about it, everyone talks about it, everyone loves it and this helps the series reach audiences across the globe quickly,” said Netflix’s head of global television – Bela Bajaria.

The second reason is simply thanks to… Netflix

Squid Game was filmed in the original Korean language, but Netflix has made available subtitles in 37 languages ​​and dubs in 34 languages, allowing those who do not want to read subtitles to enjoy the series.

However, some Koreans who watched the series expressed dissatisfaction with Netflix’s subtitles, commenting that the dialogues are not translated well and their original meanings are not properly conveyed. Many viewers might need to study Korean to fully enjoy Squid Game again!

The third reason is thanks to the Internet memes

On Twitter and TikTok, the games the characters go through in Squid Game are followed by a large number of netizens, especially the Honey Sugarcomb challenge, where players are required to separate the shapes – circle, triangle, star or umbrella –  from the edge of a sugarcomb candy that’s called “dalgona” in Korean, without breaking the candy.

The viral challenge has involved countless participants on social media. TikTok even created a #honeycomb filter for players to see if they survived this Squid Game challenge.

The last reason is because non-English series are especially getting more attention all over the world

Netflix achieved huge success with non-English-language series even before Squid Game came out. Since 2019, American audiences’ online streaming of non-English content has increased by 71%. Series like Lupin, originally in French, and Money Heist, originally in Spanish, have become hit shows on Netflix. Both include English subtitles and audio.

Some popular Netflix originals like Bridgerton and The Witcher are English-language productions that accumulate 65 million to 70 million views in the first 28 days after release. But Squid Game is becoming a stronger rival when it is on track to become Netflix’s most-watched series ever, even though it’s brutal, bloody, and incredibly dark. 

The exact number of people watching Squid Game is not yet announced by Netflix because the series was released less than 28 days ago. Viewers are very eager to find out the final number, which is guaranteed to be extremely surprising and overwhelming.

Source: Dienanh

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