Fans altogether leave the fandom, asking Lucas to withdraw from the group after reading his apology and SM’s confirmation

Having lost trust in Lucas, many fans have expressed their frustration and asked the male idol to leave the group so as not to affect the other members.

On the afternoon of August 25, Lucas (NCT/WayV) officially apologized after being exposed by his ex-boyfriend and girlfriends regarding his personal relationships. On his Instagram and Weibo, Lucas posted a handwritten letter to his fans, admitting his mistake, apologizing, and announcing to stop all activities.

 The apology letter of Lucas reads as follows:

 “Hello, this is Lucas.
I sincerely apologize to those who have been hurt by my wrong actions. If given the opportunity, I would like to apologize in person. I’m truly sorry for disappointing the fans who have given me so much love and support because of this incident. Looking at the situation these past few days, I have been looking back on my past behaviour and sincerely reflecting on myself. My past actions were definitely wrong and irresponsible for betraying the support that fans have given me for so long. Once again, I would like to apologize to anyone who felt disappointed by my actions. I want to make sure that this will never happen again and want to stop all scheduled activities to have time to reflect. Finally, I would like to apologize for causing damage to our members, company staff, various partners, and broadcasting station staff.
I am truly sorry.”

SM also issued an apology and took responsibility for their artists’ actions. Lucas and Hendery’s “Jalapeño” MV, scheduled to be released at 6 PM KST on August 25, was also canceled.

After 2 days of waiting and wishing for the best, Lucas’s fans ended up being disappointed. Most of them have turned their backs on the male idol and are requesting him to leave the group. With the current situation, it makes sense that Lucas temporarily ceases all activities. However, whether he stays or leaves NCT/WayV cannot be confirmed and depends on SM’s decision.

Some comments from fans and netizens:

  • I’ve supported him since the early days, ever since his rookie picture came out. What would happen to WayV’s future? If you truly feel sorry for the members, then leave the group, I beg you.
  • I will take a break from supporting Lucas to see how he reflects. This is really hard to accept.
  • Wong Yukhei is no longer worthy of my trust, expectations and support. This is not the person I used to cherish
  • I’m sorry. I can’t support you anymore…
  • I’m so angry and frustrated that I can’t even look at Lucas’s face right now. He no longer deserves my love and trust. I will leave the fandom.
  • If you feel sorry for WayV and NCT then leave the group immediately.
  • Lucas, leave the group now, don’t affect the company and the other 22 members.
  • Lucas’s adorable image of someone who respects his fans is completely destroyed, this is so bad.

Currently, the hashtag #WELOVEYOULUCAS is topping the worldwide trending on Twitter. The tweets under this hashtag are all from fans who still express their trust and willingness to wait for Lucas to return.

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