Jennie’s “SOLO”: condemned as first BLACKPINK’s solo release, set the stage for fellow members with impressive achievements

At the time of her individual promotions, Jennie faced several controversies, but it is undeniable that her solo debut with “SOLO” can be considered legendary. 

In November 2018, Jennie was the first member of girl group BLACKPINK to make her solo debut with the single “SOLO”. At that time, BLACKPINK was a two-year-old group that had just found international success with the super hit “DDU-DU DDU-DU” released in June 2018. At the time, YG’s decision to have Jennie debut solo right after the group’s breakthrough led to a lot of mixed opinions. On top of that, Jennie was often criticized by individual fans of other members for being “pampered” and prioritized by YG.


At the time, many controversies about Jennie’s “lazy dancing” were also constantly discussed, especially when she was labeled as the “YG princess” and surrounded by gossip. Therefore, she had to prove her top star capabilities during this solo promotion. 

Debuting solo amidst numerous controversies and being called “YG’s princess”

Jennie had all the qualities to be chosen as the first BLACKPINK member to go solo. As the main rapper, she had a powerful and impressive voice, enough to carry an entire song without having to divide parts like when performing in a group. Jennie’s talent is undeniable, but for a long time, YG’s alleged “priority” regarding Jennie has attracted many anti fans. 

For those who followed and supported Jennie, 2018 was a year of great success but also full of turmoil. The phrases “YG princess” and “Jennie and her friends” haunted fans for a long time.

In 2018, netizens pointed out that Jennie was often placed in the center and wore more expensive, eye-catching outfits than the other members.

In addition to the “favoritism controversy”, Jennie also faced accusations of “lazy dancing”, lackluster performances, and “unlikable” facial expressions. Her cold and luxurious on-screen presence earned her the nickname “Living Chanel”, creating a unique style, yet at the same time draws scrutiny from anti fans. As a result, Jennie had to face considerable distress after just 2 years of debuts.

Jennie was accused of “lazy dancing” and having an attitude 

Despite these circumstances, YG still released Jennie’s pre-planned solo as an experiment to test BLACKPINK’s ability to work independently. Hence, public opinion against Jennie grew even more negative, with people arguing that the main rapper wasn’t ready for a solo debut and that the company needed to stop pampering her. SOLO was released under the critical eyes of millions, and while Jennie had many fans and supporters, they couldn’t outweigh the scrutinizing public eyes. It was only through Jennie’s hard work and the music quality of “SOLO” did the female idol manage to change the tides. 

A solo debut that turned Jennie into a “legendary” artist

With an MV that received huge investment and was filmed overseas, Jennie brought a breath of fresh air to both the music and fashion scene. Her solo debut song, “SOLO”, was Teddy’s brainchild and tailored to Jennie’s voice. The track also combines various musical elements such as dance, pop, hip-hop, and energetic EDM, at the same time boasting a smooth blend with an addictive and catchy melody. 

In addition, the eye-catching choreography, especially the dance break of “SOLO”, created a sensation for a long time.

The sensational dance break of “SOLO”
jennie solo mv
Jennie’s expensive outfits in the “SOLO” MV

Through “SOLO”, Jennie has proven herself to not only be a main rapper but also a singer and performer. With her unique vocal color, smooth English singing ability, and powerful voice, Jennie has perfectly delivered the track. In addition, YG also heavily invested in Jennie’s solo debut, with the MV filmed abroad and featuring over 20 luxury designer outfits. All these elements contribute to a product that is both enjoyable to listen to and visually stunning.

jennie 900m views
“SOLO” MV recently reached 900 million views, with Jennie becoming the first Kpop soloist to achieve this milestone

Since its release, “SOLO” has constantly proven the huge image of “Jennie”. In particular, it helped Jennie become the Kpop female soloist with the highest-viewed debut MV in 2018. Ever since, the MV has continued to reach milestones of 100 million, 500 million, 800 million views, and currently stands at 900 million after five years. The song’s total streams on Spotify has reached 462 million, an impressive number for a single.

jennie solo

Thanks to SOLO, Jennie has gradually overcome her controversies, transforming from an idol criticized for “lazy dancing” to one easily owning many iconic stages. The performances of “SOLO” have also gone viral, with Jennie having many “legendary” looks that people can easily recognize.

Laying the foundation for BLACKPINK’s solo careers, yet Jennie faced the most disadvantages!

The success of Jennie and her first solo performance served as a foundation for YG to prepare individual releases for each BLACKPINK member. In 2021, both Rosé and Lisa made their solo debuts and achieved individual success, and soon, Jisoo will complete the final piece with her solo album, “Me”. However, as the first member to go solo, Jennie also encountered the most obstacles.

At the time, the female idol not only faced internal fan conflicts but also harsh public scrutiny and ruthless opinions. In addition, Jennie is the only member to debut solo with a single song, while Rosé, Lisa, and Jisoo all debuted with single albums containing 2 or more tracks.

Rosé flaunts a fairy-like beauty as she release solo tracks “On The Ground” and “Gone”


In particular, Rosé’s 1st single album consists of 2 songs, “On The Ground” and “Gone”, at the same time entails two MVs showcasing her ethereal beauty. The album ended up recording 500,000 pre-orders, with much higher sales as of the moment. 

Meanwhile, Lisa, who enjoys insane international popularity, made her solo debut with “LALISA” and “Money”, both of which showed a fancy, flashy, and cool image. With her solo album, Lisa successfully conveyed her personal identity, continuously setting revenue records, and even winning an VMAs award. 


Recently, however, Jisoo has confirmed her solo debut, and set a new record for Kpop soloists with 950,000 pre-order copies. From the teaser images and films released so far, Jisoo’s image spans various styles, from ancient to modern, continuously becoming a hot topic. It seems that after three BLACKPINK members’ solo debuts, YG has gained valuable experience, making each release more explosive than the last.


As the first member to go solo, Jennie set the stage for her fellow members’ independent activities. As a result, she was at a disadvantage, not only having only one song, but also not receiving a strong enough protection from her fandoms against intense hatred.

Looking back at Jennie’s solo debut, the Jensetters (fans of Jennie) couldn’t help but feel sorry for their idol, believing Jennie deserves way better. 

On the other hand, however, it is highly likely that after BLACKPINK completes their World Tour and Jisoo concludes her successful solo promotions, Jennie will have a solo comeback. 

In fact, at the “Born Pink” World Tour, Jennie was the only member to perform the brand-new, unreleased song “You & Me”. For Jennie’s possible return, fans predict that the female idol will prepare an EP or even an album with various collaborations. As this is a comeback project after five years, Jennie’s fans will undoubtedly focus all their efforts on supporting her and establishing new records.

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