Lee Jong Suk spotted filming “Big Mouth” in a school uniform: Fans can’t believe he is in his 30s!

Lee Jong Suk will continue to wear a school uniform in his new drama. 

Recently, a photo taken of Lee Jong Suk on the set of Big Mouth surprised many fans. The actor has the iconic hairstyle with bangs, wearing a highschool uniform that makes him look like a legit 17-year-old teenager. Netizens find it difficult to believe that Lee Jong Suk actually turns 34 years old this year.

A high school student got lost in the set of Big Mouth? 
A high school student got lost in the set of Big Mouth? 

Over the years, Lee Jong Suk has taken on the role of a student on the small screen many times. He is also considered one of the most good looking male stars in a uniform, so netizens are absolutely thrilled to see this styling of Lee Jong Suk in Big Mouth.

Netizens’ comments:

  • He’s 34 years old and he’s acting as a 17-year-old student?
  • Why do you still look so young at the age of 34?
  • Park Soo Ha is back.
  • Well, why is he so cute?

Big Mouth revolves around the rather strained husband and wife relationship between Go Mi Ho (Yoona) and Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk). After getting married, Go Mi Ho realizes her husband is a person without talent and ambition. She gradually became selfish, swearing, brazen with the aim of making her husband deserve her.

The official broadcast date of Big Mouth has not been announced yet

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