Famous female dol-turned-Youtuber caught secretly coming out from the house of a soccer player 

Rumors that a famous former idol/Youtuber and a professional soccer player are living together are spreading among Japanese netizens.

On February 30th (local time), Japanese media Weekly Moonchun exclusively reported that Yuka Ogino, a former member of the girl group NGT48, and J-League footballer Yusuke Matsuo are living together. 

According to reports, Yuka Ogino was seen getting off from a black Toyota Alphard car in an alley of a luxury residential area around 4 p.m. on January 10th. She crossed the road and entered a fancy mansion. 4 hours later, Ogino came out of the mansion while chatting with a handsome man. The two took a taxi and headed somewhere at night. The man walking next to Ogino was Yusuke Matsuo, known by the nickname “the future of Japanese football”.

Yuka Ogino

Yuka Ogino was a first-generation member of NGT48. During her idol activities, she was a core member and the center of the group. Ogino graduated in November 2021 and left the agency in May last year. 

Yusuke Matsuo currently plays for Urawa Red Diamonds in the J1 League. Having fast speed and excellent dribbling skills, he scored 11 goals in the 2022 season. He recently announced his transfer to Belgian First Division A.

Yusuke Matsuo

The media said Ogino has a deep relationship with Urawa Red Diamonds. Ogino is from Saitama Prefecture, the hometown of Urawa Red Diamonds. Her family also posted on Instagram, revealing that Ogino has been a fan of the football club for a long time. 

Yuka Ogino Yusuke Matsuo

An acquaintance of the two said, “I think Ogino has been watching football matches because of Matsuo. The two started dating around last summer or autumn they are living in Matsuo’s house.”

It is known that Ogino headed to Matsuo’s house as soon as he returned home from a trip to Britain in early January. Later, the two went to a luxury meat restaurant at night then returned to Matsuo’s mansion. After Matsuo left for his team training the next morning, Ogino wore different clothes and went out of the mansion at 11 a.m.

Yuka Ogino

As the news spread, Japanese netizens showed various responses. While some supported the couple, many others criticized Ogino and even brought up her past controversies.

Source: insight

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