Famous Chinese actor assaulted his 22-year-younger wife during pregnancy

The family violence of famous Chinese actor Wang Dong was exposed by his wife, which shocked Chinese society.

Model-turned-actor Wang Dong made his face known through dramas such as “Diamond Lover” and “Perfect Partner”. Wang Dong’s wife posted a video exposing his assault on her SNS account on August 26th. In the video, Wang Dong was assaulting his wife by throwing a punch at her, strangling her and using all kinds of swear words as well. The assault reportedly continued until the police arrived. Wang Dong’s wife revealed that she was also assaulted by her husband during pregnancy, which shocked everyone even more.

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The victim, who was assaulted by Wang Dong, is Wang Dong’s third wife and is in her 20s. She is 22 years younger than Wang Dong, who is 43 years old this year. It was also revealed that he cut off contact with his wife after the assault and asked an acquaintance about divorce.

As the controversy grew, Wang Dong posted an apology on his SNS account on the early morning of August 27th. He wrote, “I apologize for my actions at that time. But now I no longer bother and threaten her.” He explained, “I once had expectations for life, I tried my best and forgave her, but it wasn’t a normal marital relationship that prevented me from breathing. What I want to say is that this isn’t the whole story and the truth.” He added that he had appointed a lawyer for the case.

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However, Wang Dong’s explanatory writing caused more controversy. Chinese netizens criticized Wang Dong with comments such as “This is not an apology” and “Are you forgiving yourself for the assault?”

Meanwhile, as the celebrity’s family violence case caused a stir online, the People’s Court Journal, published by the People’s Court of China, posted a commentary on Wang Dong’s case. The newspaper said, “Family violence threatens the physical and mental health of many people. Some people resist or do not speak out under the shadow of family violence. We hope victims of family violence can courageously say ‘no’ to family violence and use legal weapons to protect themselves.”

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