YouTube reporter reveals shocking current situation of Kim Sae Ron after DUI scandal: Working part-time at a cafe? 

Actress Kim Sae Son, who was caught driving under the influence, is reportedly doing this job. 

On November 3rd, former entertainment reporter Lee Jin Ho, who is now active as a YouTuber, revealed the current whereabouts of Kim Sae Ron through his YouTube channel.

kim sae ron

Lee Jin Ho said, “It is difficult to report this, but I heard an interesting story. My acquaintance who talked to Kim Sae Ron told me that she is currently working part-time at a cafe.”

He continued, “She said she is working part-time at a cafe because she spent all the money she earned from her activities in the compensation process (after causing the accident). But even my acquaintance doesn’t know where Kim Sae Ron is working.” 

Kim Sae-ron

However, he added, “But this is something that everyone involved does not know. Actually, I think that the possibility that Kim Sae Ron will work part-time at a cafe is low. Kim Sae Ron debuted when she was a child and has no social experience. And since it is a service industry, Kim Sae Ron would have been photographed if she was working part-time, but there is no such thing at all.”

Previously, in June, Kim Sae Ron was charged with violating the Road Traffic Act while driving under the influence of alcohol near the Hakdong Intersection in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. As a result of her blood sampling, her blood alcohol level was found to be 0.2%, which is the level of license revocation.

Kim Sae-ron

On November 2nd, Kim Sae Ron posted a picture of an e-cigarette along with a drawing of a Japanese cartoon character on her Instagram, but it was quickly deleted.

Source: wikitree

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