“Drunk driving controversy” Kim Sae Ron posted and immediately deleted a “cigarette” drawing from her Instagram

Kim Sae Ron updated her SNS for the first time following the drunk driving scandal. 

On November 2nd, Kim Sae Ron posted a photo on her Instagram of her drawing. However, she immediately took down the post as if she had made a mistake. Kim Sae Ron is currently self-reflecting after apologizing for drunk driving.

Kim Sae ron

Kim Sae Ron caught an accident in May near Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, where she collided with structures such as street lamps, guard rails, and transformer box. There were no casualties, but the transformer broke down, causing power outages in 57 locations, including nearby businesses, for three and a half hours.

Kim Sae-ron

When the police tried to measure her blood alcohol level, Kim Sae Ron refused and requested a blood sample.  As a result of the blood test, Kim Sae Ron’s blood alcohol level was about 0.2%, which was the level of license revocation.  Since then, Kim Sae Ron has reportedly visited about 30 damaged buildings and shopping malls and paid most of the compensation.

Source: nate

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