This webtoon artist is so handsome he got selected to become an advertising model 

Fashion brand Beanpole unveiled their new model for their 2022 campaign, who is a webtoon artist 

Famous YouTuber and webtoon writer Lee Mal Nyeon (ChimChackMan) has been selected as a new advertising model for fashion brand Beanpole. 

In particular, on August 18th, Beanpole revealed their 2022 brand campaign “Wear It Properly”, which stars actor Kim Min Kyu, actress Jeon Yeo Bin, lyricist Kim In Ah, photographer Hashish-bak, broadcaster Daniel Lindemann, and webtoon artist Lee Mal Nyeon (Chim Chack Man).

Published photos of the campaign showed Lee Mal Nyeon boasting a completely different charm compared to his normal easy-going appearance. The webtoon artist was wearing a matching shirt and cardigan, along with a neat tweed jacket. His hair was styled into a pomade, giving off a gentlemanly aura.

Instead of his usual playfulness, Lee Mal Nyeon looked like a true professional model, even making serious expressions and poses. His visuals were stunning enough that he could stand by side with the dashing Kim Min Kyu.

The video for Beanpole’s campaign was also released, where Lee Mal Nyeon could be seen walking naturally toward the camera and said coolly: “I like this reversal of charm”. 

Watching this video, netizens expressed excitement and left comments like “He looks really handsome like a king”, “That smirk at the end makes him seem self-absorbed and so sexy”, and “Truly the human Beanpole! This look suits him so much better than expected”. 

Source: dispatch

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