Dating hints of EXO’s Suho with 2 members of BLACKPINK and TWICE resurface amid marriage rumors

EXO’s Suho has never been involved in official dating reports since debut, but netizens suspect that there was something going on between him and these 2 female idols. 

On November 17, netizens were taken aback by the rumor of EXO’s Suho getting married in February next year. This rumor comes from an anonymous post on Pann, stating that a member of EXO with the initials S-H, not the maknae Sehun, would get married soon. Based on these clues, the rumor is believed to be about Suho EXO’s leader. 

So far, SM Entertainment has not commented on this rumor. Netizens have also rushed to search for the identity of the male idol’s rumored future bride, but found nothing. Since debut until now, Suho has never been reported to be in a public romantic relationship. However, the male idol was involved in several dating rumors with famous female idols, including BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and TWICE’s Sana. Some netizens even wonder if one of these two female idols is Suho’s fiancée. 

EXO Suho getting married
Suho is predicted to get married in February next year


In October 2019, netizens discovered a series of suspicious details pointing at Jisoo and Suho’s dating.  Accordingly, the couple posted photos of them at the same place in France and Korea on Instagram. However, in response to these pieces of “evidence”, neither Jisoo nor Suho spoke up. 

EXO Suho getting married
Jisoo and Suho posted photos of them in France that were taken at similar places. They also wrote similar captions and wore similar outfits. 
EXO Suho getting married
Suho and Jisoo both posted photos of them in Brooklyn, New York
EXO Suho getting married
Having the same bunny-shaped flower
EXO Suho getting married
Suho was suspected of peeking at Jisoo on stage 

TWICE’s Sana 

Besides Jisoo, Suho once got embroiled in dating rumors with TWICE’s Sana. The two were suspected by netizens of having Lovestagram. In February 2019, Sana and Suho both posted photos of lanterns in Hong Kong, raising the suspicion that they travelled overseas to secretly date.

EXO Suho getting married
The photo posted by Sana on TWICE’s Instagram
EXO Suho getting married
Suho uploaded a photo taken with lanterns like Sana’s
EXO Suho getting married
In September 2019, Sana posted a selfie with the caption: “Do you like it?”
EXO Suho getting married
Suho was suspected to respond to Sana’s question by writing the caption, “I like it.”

Moreover, Suho used to be involved in dating rumors with Apink’s Chorong and gugudan’s Mina. However, most of these rumors lack evidence. Currently, whether or not Suho will get married in February 2022 or who his fiancée is, remains a mystery.

EXO Suho getting married
Shortly after the rumor surfaced, Suho posted to his Instagram story and wrote EXO-L (EXO’s fandom).  Netizens wonder if he was trying to reassure the fans or something else


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