Former IZ*ONE member Honda Hitomi changed her image with “Japanese makeup”

Honda Hitomi, a member of the Japanese idol group AKB48 and former IZ*ONE member, revealed her recent status.

On May 31st, Honda Hitomi posted several photos of her with Japanese-style makeup “Gyaru” on Instagram.

Honda Hitomi

In the photos, she painted sky blue shadow over her eyelids and made her eyes stand out with black eyeliner and mascara. Hitomi also added a spoonful of fresh images by using light-colored blusher and lipstick that contrasted with dark eye makeup.

Korean fans were very surprised when Hitomi, who mainly showed innocent and cute styling during her activities in Korea, tried to change her image with Gyaru makeup. In addition, Hitomi pulled off the Japanese-style retro concept as she wore a T-shirt with “Y2K”, a symbol of the 2000s, written on it.

Aside from makeup, she perfectly reproduced the sensibility of that time through stockings full of butterflies, colored hairpins, and a fur bag. Hitomi wore her hair in pigtails and showed off her unique nail art, exuding a different charm that she had never shown before.

Honda Hitomi

While digesting the retro concept, she boasted her trendiness and brought laughter by doing the “Gyaru Peace” sign, a pose that is very popular these days. Meanwhile, Honda Hitomi received a lot of love as she worked under the idol group IZ*ONE from 2018 to June 2021.

Source: Insight

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