Netizens Questioned BABYMONSTER’s Album Sales, Which Placed 2nd in Debut Sales among Female Idols 

The 1st week album sales of BABYMONSTER, which ranked 2nd among all female idols’ debut sales, is being questioned. 

Late at night on April 5, a topic about BABYMONSTER’s 1st week album sales was published on the Korean forum theqoo, drawing massive attention with over 200 comments. 

Particularly, the topic mentioned the first week album sales (still tracking) of BABYMONSTER’s latest album, which has reached 217,000 copies by the 4th day with an additional 115,000 copies in the 5th day. 


As a result, the girl group now places 2nd in terms of debut album sales for female idols, surpassing NewJeans and placing right behind ILLIT, with 2 days of tracking left.

Such an achievement, while admired by many, are also being questioned by netizens, who couldn’t help but wonder just when BABYMONSTER got so popular. 

Below are some comments under the aforementioned topic: 

  • How do they sell so much? Yang Hyun-suk must be cheering
  • It’s just strange seeing such high numbers right from the debut album…
  • I have only listened to “BATTER UP” and it sounds like an outdated version of 2NE1’s music 
  • Why are all of you so bitter??? Just accept that BABYMONSTER is gaining huge popularity 
  • They changed their debut date despite already receiving a Rookie Award and it’s for media play like this…
  • Congratulations to BABYMONSTER. Angry and jealous people needs to go away

Source: theqoo

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