Kim Jun-su is reportedly leaving “Groom Class” to focus on musical activities 

Singer-musical actor Kim Jun-su will drop out of “Groom Class” cast.

According to a report by Star News on October 11th, Kim Jun-su will leave Channel A’s entertainment program “Nowadays Men’s Life – Groom Class” (hereinafter referred to as “Groom Class”) to focus on his musical activities.

kim junsu

Accordingly, Kim Jun-su is scheduled to join several musicals, such as “Elisabeth das Musical” and “West Side Story”, this November. In particular, “West Side Story” is set to be performed until February 2023. As a result, Kim Jun-su inevitably withdrew from the cast of “Groom Class” because he couldn’t manage to participate in the filming.

Kim Jun-su started his musical career in earnest with the premiere of “Mozart!” in 2010. Since then, he has strengthened his position in the musical world by appearing in numerous works, such as “Tears of Heaven”, “Dracula”, “Death Note”, “Xcalibur”, and “Elisabeth das Musical”.

kim junsu

Kim Jun-su has also shown a new aspect after becoming a key member since the launching of “Groom Class”. He recently met musical actors Park Hae-mi and Hwang Seok-jung and talked about their relationships, drawing keen attention. Kim Jun-su, who revealed a different image through entertainment programs, plans to leave “Groom Class” and concentrate on acting various characters in musicals.

In this regard, “Groom Class” production team said, “Kim Jun-su is only taking a short break from our filming for his musical activities, not dropping out of the show”.

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