Kim Jun-su, “I’m no longer extravagant… I think it is necessary for couples to live together before getting married”

Singer Kim Jun-su said he agreed to premarital cohabitation.

Channel A’s “Life Groom Class for Men These Days”, which aired on June 8th, held a fanmeeting between Kim Jun-su and Kim Na-woon.

kim jun su

Kim Na-woon, who has been supporting Kim Jun-su since his debut, held a fanmeeting under the theme “Korea’s No.1 son-in-law Kim Jun-su”. Kim Jun-su carried out different missions, such as chopping firewood and trimming green onions to increase his “groom score”. 

Kim Na-woon continued to show her affection for Kim Jun-su as a fan. She exclaimed “Thick thighs are useless” when Kim Jun-su touched the firewood, revealing her husband’s TMI. While Kim Jun-su was embarrassed, she continued to pour out compliments, saying “I’ve never seen any man who looks this cool when trimming green onions.

kim jun su

Kim Na-woon set the table and prepared everything for Kim Jun-su, from the rice to spicy stir-fried chicken. Kim Jun-su even screamed as he was thrilled by the food, saying “This is the most delicious food of all time.” After finishing the meal, Kim Na-woon took out a question box and began asking questions she prepared herself.

kim jun su

The first question was “Are you having a lot of cash right now?”. Kim Na-woon explained, “Are you keeping cash?”. Kim Jun-su said, who was in shock, said, “This is the first time in my life that I’ve heard such a question. Isn’t it different depending on your criteria?

Kim Na-woon then said, “It’s simple. Can you live with it even when you don’t do anything or have no work?”. Kim Jun-so gave a positive answer, saying “I can as long as I don’t buy luxury things.” In response, Kim Na-woon said, “You used to be extravagant, right? You bought an expensive car”, mentioning when Kim Jun-su spent lots of money on a supercar.

kim jun su

Kim Jun-su responded, “I was crazy back then”, adding “Since I used to be extravagant like that, I’m not buying more luxury things.” Kim Na-woon said, “The reason I asked this question is that celebrities’ bank accounts are often ‘empty’.” Kim Jun-su agreed, “I also had trial and error, but I collected and saved money.

The next question was about premarital cohabitation. Kim Na-woon said, “What do you think about couples who live together before getting married? People can find if their partner is the right one when living together.

kim jun su

Agreeing to premarital cohabitation, Kim Jun-su said, “Considering this issue realistically, I think it’s necessary. You can find out your partner’s habits that can only be seen when living together, which you might not like after getting married.

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