Bride-to-be Jang Nara’s past remarks show that she will be married to her ideal type 

21-year-old Jang Nara once said this about the man of her dreams. 

21 years ago, when Jang Nara was only 21, in an interview with SBS’s “Night of TV Entertainment”, when asked what kind of boyfriend she wanted to date, Jang Nara’s answer was “Someone who only likes me”.

Jang Nara added that appearance and things like that honestly didn’t matter to her in terms of what she looks for in a boyfriend. She said she really didn’t care if that person was ugly, as long as he looked clean. 

jang na ra

18 years later when Jang Nara guested on “Night of TV Entertainment” again and watched the aforementioned interview, she burst into laughter and hilariously asked, “Can’t you just… kill me?” after hearing what she said in the past. 

In the same interview, Jang Nara once again received the question about her ideal type, to which her answer didn’t change and was only more detailed. She said she wanted to be with a man who is nice, has a vision for his work, and is sincere. 

On June 3rd, Jang Nara revealed she would be getting married this year to a non-celebrity who is 6 years younger than her. And based on what Jang Nara wrote about her boyfriend in the letter announcing her marriage, it seems like she will be tying the knot with her ideal type. 

jang nara

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