Jang Na-ra announces her wedding, “Promised to walk together with my 6-Year-Old younger lover, we will live happily”

Singer and actress Jang Na-ra revealed her wedding plan in June.

On Jun 3rd, news of Jang Na-ra‘s marriage was announced through an exclusive report of Joy News 24. According to entertainment industry insiders, Jang Na-ra will marry a non-celebrity man somewhere in late June.

jang nara

In response, Jang Na-ra said on her official website, “After two years of dating with a friend who is six years younger than me, we have promised to be each other’s partner in life,” and added, “I fell in love with his beautiful smile, a sincere and good heart, and above all, a sincere attitude to his work. I wanted to be honest with you guys how happy I am to be with such a wonderful partner in my life,” she wrote.

“I will live happily. It feels like yesterday when I debuted as a celebrity, but many years have passed. I sincerely thank everyone for caring and supporting me and always watching me with your beautiful eyes all this time.”

Jang Na-ra also said, “I’m going to come back with an interesting work right after my wedding. I’m working hard on it. I will be an actress who do my best at every moment with a heavier gratitude than before,” he said. “I’m really sorry that I can’t tell you in detail because I’m worried that my partner, a non-celebrity, might be uncomfortable at work. I sincerely ask for your understanding,” she added.

Born in 1981, Jang Na-ra made her debut as a singer through her first album “Burying My Face in Tears” in 2001 and became a syndrome. She was widely loved for her hit songs such as “Sweet Dream,” “Maybe Love,” “Confession,” “I’m a Woman,” and “April Story.”

jang nara

She also succeeds on her road as an actress. She challenged her first acting through the sitcom “New Nonstop” and “Successful Story of a Bright Girl” in 2002, gaining the title “Original National Sister” and became a huge hit as soon as she started. Since then, she has appeared in the dramas “My Love Patzzi,” “Wedding,” “Baby-faced Beauty,” “School 2013,” “You Are My Destiny,” “One More Happy Ending,” “Confession Couple,” “The Last Empress,” “VIP,” and the movies “Oh Happy Day” and “Sky and Ocean.” Her latest work is “Sell Your Haunted House,” which ended last year.

Source: Nate

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