The reason why fans criticized and blamed Woollim Ent. for the disbandment of Lovelyz

Knowing Lovelyz will disband soon, fans are pouring out complaints and intense criticisms towards the company.

On November 1st, Woollim Entertainment announced that their exclusive contracts with 8 members of Lovelyz would expire on the 16th of this month. Except for Baby Soul, the other 7 members didn’t renew their contract with the company. Although they didn’t publicly mention the disbandment, 7 out of 8 members are expected to scatter and walk on separate paths. In fact, this is already considered a step in the disbanding process of a group.

Woollim criticized

Although fans who have believed in Lovelyz all this time were surprised by the sudden news, they had already speculated this day to come. This is because many people have analyzed Lovelyz’s activities and predicted the group’s disbandment. For the past 2 years, Lovelyz didn’t have any special activities. Especially, it’s been more than one year since the girl group’s last comeback.

After their debut, Lovelyz used to release new albums every five to six months. However, since their 6th mini-album in May 2019, the girls’ group activities are rarely seen. After their 7th mini-album released in September last year, Lovelyz has no longer made any comeback. The only group promotion that was released during the past year was the Q&A video uploaded on the Youtube channel “MUPLY” last month. Most of the time, Lovelyz members have been focusing on their personal activities. Since the members have always expressed their desire to promote as a whole group, this disbandment news caused great regret to fans.

Woollim criticized

Last month, Seo Ji-soo went on a live broadcast and confessed her frustration, saying, “We did everything we could. It was not that we didn’t want to release an album. Since you have not seen us for such a long time, we really want to show you something”. Jin also wrote an ambiguous status on her Instagram to express her regret about Lovelyz’s long break, saying, “I tend to forget what my job is these days. Looking at my own Instagram account, I thought I’m a blogger who recommends famous restaurants.”

Woollim criticized

As a result, fans are criticizing the company. They said Woollim should at least release one album as the group’s last memory before their contract expires. Several groups, such as 2NE1 and Wonder Girls, not only released their last album but also held fan meetings and concerts before the expiry of their contracts and disbandment. Fans were supposed to have the whole over one year but still could not even see the members gather together to say goodbye, let alone an album.

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