Current status of an elementary school student who won “Popularity Award” at “National Singing Contest” and caught J. Y. Park’s eyes

Haha and Byul prepared a remind wedding pictorial to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

On Nov 24th, a video titled “Celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary! I went on a wedding dress tour with a 4-year-old bride~” was uploaded on Byul’s YouTube channel “Byulbitube”.

In the video, Byul and Haha visited a dress shop to prepare for a remind wedding pictorial.

When Haha said “We lived for 10 years without getting divorced“, Byul agreed, “This is a miracle.” At the same time, Byul added, “This year is my 20th debut anniversary and Haha-Byul couple’s 10th marriage anniversary. 2022 is meaningful to us.”

Byul touched the dress for the first time in 10 years and caused laughter by saying, “I have to do it with the same man.” Haha praised, “You had short hair at the wedding, but now you have long hair. The dress looks really good on you. It’s pretty.”


Meanwhile, Byul debuted with her first full-length album “December 32” in 2002 and celebrated her 20th debut anniversary this year. She attracted J. Y. Park‘s attention then made her debut as a solo singer.


Earlier on a show, Byul revealed her debut story, “One day, while I was watching TV, Ryang Hyun Ryang Ha appeared. They said that J. Y. Park visited them after seeing them dancing. The moment I heard that story, I thought, ‘J. Y. Park. He’s the one who will make me a singer.’


After hearing that J. Y. Park’s fan club was accepting applications for a fan meeting talent show, Byul showed up on the talent show stage despite not being in the fan club. She went on stage and said, “I’m an aspiring singer, so I hope you listen to my song and evaluate whether I have talent as a singer.”

J. Y. Park promised Byul in front of fans, “If you give my manager your phone number, I’ll give you an audition opportunity.” Afterwards, she debuted after a three-year trainee period.

haha byul

She also won “Popularity Award” at “National Singing Contest” when she was an elementary school student. At that time, the ratings of “National Singing Contest” dropped overwhelmingly, and it was belatedly known that Byul was from “National Singing Contest”.

National Singing Contest

Byul appeared like a comet in the music industry by topping music charts as soon as she debuted with her first album “December 32”. After that, she was greatly loved thanks to the OST “I Think I” of the drama “Full House”. She has numerous hit songs such as the duet song “Anbu” released with Na Yoon Kwon and the OST “Words Engraved in My Heart” of the drama “My Husband Got a Family”.

National Singing Contest

Source: Daum

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