Continuously displaying signs of pain, is ITZY’s Lia facing a serious health issue?

ITZY’s Lia is causing fans to worry about her health issue.

The need to adhere to a packed schedule has greatly impacted the health of many Kpop idols. In numerous instances, these idols couldn’t hide their exhaustion and overexertion, even onstage, leaving fans worried. Recently, a video of Lia participating in a fansign event with ITZY has become the focal point of discussions on internet.

Lia consistently experienced neck pain during the event.

The female idol repeatedly displayed signs such as tilting her head and massaging her neck, causing fans to worry immensely. Moreover, she had to make an effort to stretch her arms and move her fingers to alleviate the pain without interrupting the event. Based on Lia’s behavior, many believe she is suffering from wrist and arm pain. Furthermore, fans are concerned that she might be experiencing a herniated disc due to excessive work.

itzy lia neck pain

In addition, ITZY’s recent Kpop comeback with the MV “Cake” led many to believe that Lia had been practicing dance routines excessively to prepare for their return. Following that, the idol’s absence from the 2023 World Scout Jamboree Concert further fueled suspicions about her health issues. Given Lia’s alarming health condition, fans all hope that she will receive thorough treatment and ample rest to recover quickly.

Some netizen comments:

  • It’s heartbreaking; those are typical signs of a herniated disc. Hopefully, Lia will receive proper treatment.
  • Many female idols suffer from cervical herniated discs due to challenging dance routines. Neck pain is already difficult to endure, and now this is a cervical herniated disc.
  • I don’t think it’s solely due to dancing. It seems like she’s exhausted due to the packed schedule. My bias also suffered from a herniated disc due to a busy schedule.
  • Poor thing, she genuinely looks pained. Lia needs compassionate treatment!
  • A herniated disc?

Currently, JYP Entertainment has not yet provided a response regarding Lia’s health issue.

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