Seolhyun fails to make a drama hit despite acting alongside big names like Nam Goong Min and Im Si Wan

The current situation of idol-turned-actress Seolhyun (Kim Seol Hyun), who has no representative work although it’s been 10 years since she started acting.

The value of the name “AOA’s visual & center” couldn’t help Seolhyun produce any significant results as an actress and her performance is still sluggish.

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Seolhyun is currently appearing in the drama “Summer Strike” as Lee Yeo Reum, who comes to Angok Village in order to experience a change in her life. “Summer Strike” is a project drama that centers around Yeo Reum (Seolhyun), who decides to quit her job, and librarian Dae Beom (Im Si Wan), who questions his life. Despite being Genie TV’s original series, it is broadcasted as a Monday-Tuesday drama on ENA channel and can also be viewed on TVing and seezn.

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“Summer Strike” already released 4 episodes but it hasn’t achieved any notable results in both viewer ratings and popularity. While its ratings on ENA channel remain in the 0% range, the drama only ranked 8th in the popularity chart for K-dramas in the 4th week of November. Compared to the No.1 drama “Reborn Rich”, responses for “Summer Strike” is 22 times lower. Its main character actors didn’t even enter the Top 10 of the popularity ranking for drama casts.

ENA Channel succeeded with “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” but couldn’t help “Summer Strike” arouse attention. Aside from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, the highest viewer rating record of other dramas, such as “Good Job” and “Love is for Suckers”, were in the range of 2-3%. The performance of “Summer Strike” is similar to that of ENA’s first drama “Never Give Up”. This is a pretty disastrous result considering the lineup of two famous names Im Si Wan and Seolhyun.

Summer Strike

“Summer Strike” is a meaningful work for Seolhyun as it is her first work after leaving FNC Entertainment, where she worked for 10 years since her debut, and moving to Ieum Hashtag, an actors’ management company. Although Seolhyun showed her enthusiasm and effort through “Summer Strike” by acting with her bare face, the poor performance of the drama is quite disappointing. 

Seolhyun challenged acting for the first time in 2012 with “My Daughter Seo Young”. Later, she got her first main character role in “Ugly Alert” and also led the drama “Orange Marmalade”. Seolhyun’s acting activities actually contributed greatly to her recognition as the visual and center when AOA was active.

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However, Seolhyun’s achievements as an actress are quite sluggish compared to her recognition. She starred in various dramas, such as “My Country: The New Age”, “Awaken” and “The Killer’s Shopping List”, but couldn’t make a big hit. Even when collaborating with trustworthy actors, such as Jang Hyuk in “My Country” and Nam Goong Min in “Awaken”, Seolhyun still failed to create good chemistry properly.

Compared to actresses of the same age, Seolhyun has not left any impression on the viewers with her acting skills. She stood out as a center in an idol group but has not made any remarkable achievements as an actress in her 20s. 

Source: Daum

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