“Squid Game” actor Anupam Tripathi left a touching message for the late Kim Mi-soo, who was his friend at Korea National University of Arts

Actor Anupam Tripathi, who starred in ‘Squid Game”, posted a message in remembrance of the late Kim Mi-soo, making everyone feel emotional.

On January 11th, Anupam Tripathi posted a selfie photo he took with Kim Mi-soo when she was still alive and wrote, “Rest In Peace My dear friend Kim Mi-soo. Mi-soo’s smile is forever so beautiful…”

Anupam Tripathi Kim Mi-soo

It was a selfie photo taken when Kim Mi-soo came to see Anupam Tripathi’s performance. Both Anupam and Kim Mi-soo are alumni of Year 2011 at the Korea National University of Arts. At the time this selfie was revealed, Kim Mi-soo said, “My friend Ppam oppa. This is my first time watching an outdoor performance and thank you for showing me such great acting. I love you”, showing her affection for Anupam.

Anupam Tripathi Kim Mi-soo

In the post for the remembrance of Kim Mi-soo, Anupam said, “My friend, you must be having a lot of fun in the theater where you are at right now. After our time past, we will join you… Mi-soo ah, I miss you”, making everyone burst into tears.

Anupam Tripathi Kim Mi-soo

Kim Mi-soo passed away on January 5th at the age of 30. She was playing Yeo Jung-min, a same-dormitory friend of Youngro (BLACKPINK Jisoo), in JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Snowdrop”. After the news of Kim Mi-soo’s death was reported, actors Jung Hae-in and Jisoo, who play the lead roles in “Snowdrop”, both uploaded commemorative posts on their SNS for Kim Mi-soo.

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