YouTuber Aori went to the resort where IU and Lee Jong Suk enjoyed their date

YouTuber Aori enjoyed a private resort.

On June 5th, a video titled “I went to Aman Resort, which is loved by celebrities such as IU, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Kardashian” was posted on Aori’s YouTube channel. In the video, Aori visited a luxury resort in Japan. This resort is also famous as a place where IU and Lee Jong Suk enjoyed their date.


Arriving at Kashikojima Station, Aori exclaimed, “There’s really no one here.” Afterwards, someone went pick Aori up, and there was bottled water with the resort’s name written on it in the car. While moving by car, Aori shared her thoughts, “It’s like a quiet rural village.”

From the resort lobby, Aori began to praise, “The view is so pretty. It’s a nature-friendly feeling.” After checking in, Aori moved to the room by buggy and introduced every corner of the room, “It feels so healing. It’s all made of wood, so it feels comfortable. There’s a small front yard. Every detail is alive. The back is also made of wood. Awesome.”


Welcome fruits and yukata were prepared in the room. There was also a bathtub where you could enjoy the hot spring.

At night, Aori enjoyed the outdoor hot spring. Aori said, “I’m in a hot spring under the moonlight. The water is very soft, so I feel like my skin is getting better.” She added, “There are really no people as if I rented this spacious hot spring entirely. Especially, there is no Korean team. People who like the private vibe will like it. A free feeling. No one knows Aori.”

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