Bang Si Hyuk Surprises Fans with Slimmer Look in Photo with Zico, Showing Support for HYBE’s BOYNEXTDOOR Debut

Bang PD shows support for the newest member of the “HYBE Family”, BOYNEXTDOOR, a boy group produced by Zico. 

On June 6th, Bang Si Hyuk posted a photo with the caption, “With Zico. Congratulations on the debut of HYBE’s future BOYNEXTDOOR, #koz #HYBE #oneteam.”

In the photo, Bang Si Hyuk can be seen holding the album of BOYNEXTDOOR produced by Zico, with a smile on his face. BOYNEXTDOOR is a 6-member rookie boy group presented by KOZ Entertainment, led by Zico.

bang si hyuk zico

KOZ is a subsidiary label of HYBE, so Bang Si Hyuk, the head of HYBE, showed his support for them. In particular, Bang Si Hyuk’s appearance has become skinnier, surprising everyone. His agile figure and youthful look have garnered admiration.

Known as the “father of BTS,” Bang Si Hyuk has been receiving a lot of support. Each time his appearance is revealed, he attracts attention with his transformed figure, as if he has gone through a diet. 

Netizens who came across this photo also reacted with comments such as, “Seems like you’ve succeeded in your diet this time,” “You look younger even next to Zico,” and “Take care of your health, Hitman Bang.

Meanwhile, BOYNEXTDOOR made their debut on May 30th. 

Source: Nate

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