“Collapse under stress”… The netizen who claimed to have suffered school violence from LE SSERAFIM Kim Ga-ram received “secondary assault”

Amid additional revelations about LE SSERAFIM Kim Ga-ram, the publisher who first raised suspicions of school violence reportedly collapsed due to stress.

Recently, on an online community, a post was uploaded to convey the status of A, who allegedly suffered school violence from Kim Ga-ram.

Le Sserafim Kim Garam

The author said, “The real victims trembled and collapsed under stress after hearing the news of Kim Ga-ram yesterday. Some were rushed to the emergency room in ambulances. The agency’s statement is secondary assault.”


This person continued, “How can they talk about taking legal measures against second-grade highschool students? If the real victims took action against Kim Ga-ram, they’ll risk not being able to show their faces to the entirety of Korea.”

Another author, who seems to be in the same class as the victims, explained, “It’s not just that they collapsed under stress, but that Kim Ga-ram’s friends threatened the victims by asking ‘Did you expose it?'”

Meanwhile, additional suspicions about Kim Ga-ram were raised on an online community on May 15th. The author presented evidence of Kim Ga-ram’s school violence. This was a “Notice of results from the School Violation Committee”. The name of the perpetrator was written “Grade 3 Year 1 – Kim Ga-ram”.

kim garam

In particular, the content drew attention as it said, “Profile number: 2018-3. Notice of handling measures under Articles 16 and 17 of ‘Law against School Violation’ as follows.”

Kim Ga-ram

In this regard, the agency HYBE previously denied allegations of school violence by saying, “The recent allegations were cunningly edited to maliciously slander Kim Ga-ram over the events that occurred during the time when she was making friends in the early stages of middle school. Contrary to the claims, it was confirmed through a third-party statement that Kim Ga-ram was a victim of school bullying, including malicious rumors and cyberbullying, when she was in middle school.”


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