40% of Korean K-pop fans “don’t like only one group”

“K-pop Radar” recently held the offline networking event “K-POP LOVERS CLUB” for K-pop industry people. Through this, the results of the survey containing the voices of over 1,000 K-pop fans (900 Korean fans + 180 global fans) were revealed.

There were questions such as “Are you currently a multi-stan (a state in which you like more than two groups at the same time)?”, “What motivated you to become a fan?”, “What do you want from agencies?”, “What do you think agencies do well?”, “What do you think agencies don’t do well?”, “What do you want your favorite artist to pursue, popularity or concept?”…


First of all, when asked “Are you currently a multi-stan?”, 60% of Korean fans answered “I like only one group” and 75% of global fans answered “I like more than two groups”. This is a result that shows the current status of global fans with a strong multi-stan stance and Korean fans who prefer only one group.

When asked “What motivated you to become a fan?”, 64% of Korean fans chose “stage videos” and 76% of global fans chose “songs”. What stands out is the importance of “self-produced contents”, with 38% of Korean fans and 50% of global fans saying they became fans through self-produced contents.

In addition, it was possible to see a clear difference in the perspectives of Korean fans and global fans regarding “K-pop fans’ needs about agencies”. The difference in perception between Korean fans and global fans was clearly revealed when analyzing and enumerating major keywords among over 1,000 responses.

Besides, to the question “What do you want your favorite artist to pursue, popularity or concept?”, a surprising result appeared. According to an official from K-pop Radar, K-pop industry people who gathered at the site for this survey could not help but exchange opinions about the result.

Source: Daum

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