Kpop idols after scandals: Kim Garam studies acting, C.A.P works as a grass-cutter?

The career paths of Kpop idols, who leave their groups due to scandals, often draw a lot of attention from netizens. 

Former LE SSERAFIM member Kim Garam studies acting

In a recent episode of the tvN program “Free Doctor”, several Korean celebrities who became involved in school violence controversies shortly after becoming famous were mentioned. A notable person was Kim Garam – a former member of girl group LE SSERAFIM. 

Kim Garam is said to be studying acting after leaving LE SSERAFIM. 

Back before the girl group’s debut, there had already been bullying accusations directed at Kim Garam, but her agency turned a deaf ear. Subsequently, unfavorable evidence continuously emerged, and public reactions became increasingly intense. 

In the end, while the company tried to speak up on Kim Garam’s side of the story, they weren’t able to ease the public, leading to Garam officially leaving the group in July 2022, just 2 months after her debut. 

According to “Free Doctor”, Kim Garam has since returned to school. It was also mentioned that she has auditioned for the acting department at the Art High School SOPA, and is living like a normal student.

C.A.P works as a grass-cutter after leaving Teen Top

On May 11th, the leader of boy group Teen Top, C.A.P, confirmed that he will be leaving the group. Previously, the male idol sparked controversy for swearing on a live stream and upsetting fans with a declaration of wanting to withdraw from the group’s 13th anniversary comeback. After this incident, Teen Top’s company originally claimed that the comeback will still include C.A.P, but later retracted their statement and announced that C.A.P will be leaving Teen Top and withdrawing from the comeback altogether. 


Afterwards, C.A.P surprisingly went on his personal Instagram to advertise his grass-cutting service. He posted a photo of a neatly trimmed lawn with the caption, “It’s been a while since I’ve cut grass and it’s quite interesting. If anyone needs grass trimming or mowing services, please contact me, but it’s not for free.” 

The former male idol then shared a 5-star review on his service, which said, “He arrived on time and did a very clean job. He also cleaned up meticulously and quickly.” 

As of the moment, it’s unclear whether C.A.P has actually decided to completely end his idol career to become a grass-cutter, or if this is just a part time job during his spare time.

Source: Billboardvn

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