2 legendary debut hits in the eyes of Knet: 2NE1 broke all standards while JYP’s artists immediately rose to stardom

Although Kpop has witnessed many new changes, these are definitely the two best debut songs that no one can deny.

The debut song is one of the most important factors that help idols blow up in the early stages of their careers. It is also one reason why fans decide to follow and support the group’s upcoming journey. In recent years, the Kpop entertainment industry has continuously seen the birth of rookies with extremely new images and music colors.

However, contrary to fans’ expectations, many 4th Gen groups now have an unimpressive debut. Boring, hard to absorb, and messy are the words that people often use to describe rookies in recent years. Looking back at Kpop 2nd generation, fans can’t help but admire the legendary debut hits. Although it has been more than a decade, the melody of these two songs is still remembered by many.

1. Fire – 2NE1

2NE1 has always been known as a K-pop legend of the 2nd generation. The 4 girls with unique images and music colors broke all the standards of the Korean entertainment world at that time. The YG girl group officially debuted with the song Fire in 2009. True to the name of the song, each melody and lyrics in this hit are “burning” and addictive.

Fire – 2NE1

After only a few hours of debut, the 4 girls created a storm over all the platforms. The song quickly topped many Kpop charts, climbed to the top trending of the YouTube platform. At the same time, Fire helped 2NE1 gain many great awards, which is a solid stepping stone to help the YG girl group continue to succeed with future products.

Fire also helped 2NE1 win many big awards

Experiencing many ups and downs in their career, 2NE1 officially disbanded in the regret of fans in 2016. However, the 4 girls’ unique musical colors and images are still what makes them stand out and be remembered by the audience. So far, fans have not been able to find a name that is as powerful as the once-popular senior.

2NE1 debut hit

2. Bad Girl Good Girl – miss A

Officially opening the K-pop scene in 2010 with the debut song Bad Girl Good Girl, miss A quickly captured the attention of fans with their unique choreography and powerful vocals.

Bad Girl Good Girl – miss A

Despite not being heavily promoted by JYP, Bad Girl Good Girl quickly became a big fever in the Kpop entertainment industry, a topic of discussion among the audience for a long time. At the same time, this song also swept all digital music charts and music programs at that time.

2NE1 debut hit
Bad Girl Good Girl is still quickly becoming a big craze in Kpop

With only the debut song, miss A brought home 3 important awards at the 2010 MAMA, including the “Song of the Year” award. It can be seen that Bad Girl Good Girl brought the name of miss A to stardom in the Kpop market at that time. To this day, this song is still mentioned as a legendary debut hit of the JYP girl group as well as Kpop in general because of its widespread influence.

2NE1 debut hit
Bad Girl Good Girl brought miss A’s name to stardom in the Kpop market at that time

Besides the two songs above, SNSD‘s debut song Into The New World is also mentioned by many fans. This is a hit that has opened a new era for Kpop, marking the birth of a legendary girl group of SM in particular and K-pop in general.

Into The New World – SNSD

Up to now, Into The New World is still one of the songs that many trainees use as the standard for evaluating their ability in the practice room. Each lyric and melody of Into The New World seems to be adding a great source of motivation for the trainees to move forward and not give it up.

2NE1 debut hit
Into The New World is a song that many trainees take as a standard

Although the influence of this song is undeniable, Into The New World has not really brought a big explosion to fans like Fire or Bad Girl Good Girl. It was not until Gee was born that SNSD’s career really turned to a new page. Even so, this is still one of the classic debut songs that every Kpop fan has heard of.

Fans also acknowledge the success of these 2 debut songsl:

  • It’s still good to listen to Bad Girl Good Girl now.
  • They had a big influence on netizens with their debut song
  • Bad Girl Good Girl wasn’t even well promoted by JYP but still became the topic of discussion on the group’s first performance stage. It is really impressive.
  • Back then, I talked about Bad Girl Good Girl all the time.
  • These 2 songs became a hot topic online when it was first released.
  • Into The New World was such a great debut song, but it wasn’t as influential as these songs when it was released.
  • I really want JYP girl groups to follow the concept of Bad Girl Good Girl again.
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