A look at Jeongyeon’s best outfits at TWICE’s recent North American concerts 

The stylist’s choice of Jeongyeon’s outfits can make her feel more confident on stage. 

Due to health problems, Jeongyeon had to take a break from her idol activities several times. But recently, she made a comeback by joining other members on TWICE’s world tour in North America. After her hiatuses, Jeongyeon’s appearance has changed as she slightly gained some weight. Therefore, TWICE’s styling team made sure Jeongyeon was dressed in outfits that suit her body while matching the overall concept of the group.

While other members of TWICE show off their skinny figures by wearing sleeveless or tube dresses and tops, Jeongyeon wore a preppy-style outfit including a white shirt with tie, a cropped jacket and pleated skirt. This makes Jeongyeon look like a student character from a highteen movie. 


Jeongyeon‘s outfits are often more discreet. When she wore a double strap top, she also had a see-through long sleeve jacket on the outside. 

Most of Jeongyeon’s outfits have long sleeves. This sparkly dress with rhinestones suits Jeongyeon’s body well and makes her look more stunning. 


Jeongyeon also rocked “no-pants” outfits with oversized T-shirts and sweatshirts 

Jungyeon was known for her outstanding height and ideal body proportions in the past. Her outfits were all skin-tight to show off her curves, especially the tiny waist and skinny legs. 

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