WANNA ONE’s comeback album: the hidden mystery of the teaser is here!

Don’t criticize WANNA ONE’s teaser photo because it contains the message that the group sent to fans before the disbandment.

On the morning of October 24th, WANNA ONE unexpectedly released a teaser image for their comeback album. However, fans were disappointed as the image for their last album was designed very sketchy, just a tape like the previous album with the comeback date 19/11. But, people were surprised when they discovered the hidden message.

wanna one 1 scaled 1
WANNA ONE’s last teaser photo
wanna one 2 1
The last tape had appeared. The hidden message is also decoded.

Accordingly, netizens said that the tape is a symbol of infinity, and that the link between WANNA ONE and WANNABLE will always remain. Besides, this symbol also means that although they will disband but the feelings of the members will forever stick, and the group’s music will always “rewind it back” like this tape. If combined with their previous albums: To Be One -> Nothing Without You -> I Promise U -> Undivided -> Infinity, which is the way that WANNA ONE has gone through, and they will not stop. Finally, the meaning of the tapes was decoded by fans.

wannaone1 tnbz scaled 1

Specially,  if we accumulate the comeback date of the group: 8 + 7 + 11 + 13 + 3 + 19 + 6 + 4 + 11 + 19 = 101, this is the number of candidates in Produce 101, where the name WANNA ONE was born. As can be seen, this album is not only the final product of the group, but also sincere thanks of the group to fans, members and especially the contestants in Produce 101.

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