BTS Jungkook has no idea about the fact that Jeon Hyunmoo and Han Hyejin are dating!

The youngest member of BTS showed his cute reaction when finally knowing that Jeon Hyunmoo and Han Hyejin are one of the official couples in showbiz world.

On November 6th, 2018 MGA (MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards) took place at Incheon Namdong Gymnasium.

The MC of the event was Jeon Hyunmoo, and his lover was also present to give the awards to the best boy group. Jeon Hyunmoo introduced his lover in a sweet way, saying: “It was not easy to invite this person who has such glorious beauty to come here.

And then Han Hyejin said thank you for inviting her to the event, and that: “The MC today looks really cool too.

Watching the two ‘lovebirds’ on stage has made a lot of people smile, including the members of the popular boy group BTS.

But there was someone who could not get hold of the situation. It was BTS Jungkook who had no idea that the two were dating.

He was curious to know what was happening, so he kept on asking J Hope “Why?“, and then J Hope replied that: “They are dating.

His face lightened up, he nodded, showing everybody that he finally understood what was happening.

Because it was too cute, netizens are saying that “Jungkook even forgot his own birthday. No wonder…“, “His reaction was so cute. Looks like he has been so busy that he could not read much newspaper.

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