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“Song Joong Ki remarried…” The reaction of 4 male celebrities on “Dolsing Fourmen”

“Dolsing Fourmen” members mentioned Song Joong Ki, who remarried.

Kim Ji Min, Jung Yi Rang and Tanaka appeared as guests on the Feb 14th broadcast of SBS’ “Dolsing Fourmen“.

dolsing fourmen

While enjoying dinner with Tak Jae Hoon, Kim Jun Ho and Lim Won Hee at the opening before the guests’ appearance, Lee Sang Min mentioned Song Joong Ki, who recently announced a new start with British actress Katy Louise Saunders, “Song Joong Ki remarried coolly.”

When Song Joong Ki’s story came out, “Dolsing Fourmen” members admired it. Kim Jun Ho said, “Song Joong Ki is our dream.”

song joong ki
dolsing fourmen

Tak Jae Hoon joked, “Are you interested in foreign women while Kim Ji Min is with you?” Lim Won Hee teased, “He is, but now…”

Tak Jae Hoon immediately urged, “Don’t say that even as a joke.” Lee Sang Min added, “What does that make Kim Ji Min if Kim Jun Ho talks about marrying a foreigner as if it were a dream? Should Kim Ji Min change her nationality?”

dolsing fourmen
dolsing fourmen

Kim Jun Ho changed the subject, “Anyway, I want to travel abroad with hyungs again.” Lee Sang Min caused laughter as he continued to aim at Kim Jun Ho, “Because you’re away from Ji Min.”

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