Former Big Hit trainee reveals BTS’ life before debut, it turns out the secret of BTS success is incredibly simple!

It is their team spirit. Integrity and solidarity have made BTS become a global boygroup.

YouTuber Bit-Hoon, one of the trainees who has been trained under the roof of Big Hit Entertainment, has caught attention from the internet community after telling a touching story about member Suga (BTS). Recently, Bit-Hoon continued to reveal more about the life of BTS and other trainees at the Big Hit dormitory in the past. This is a difficult time for MOF because they had to confront to money issues and living conditions.

In the latest video, Bit-Hoon says:

What made BTS so different from other companies’ trainees was that there was no competition among the members. One day, I remember how Namjoon gathered us together to emphasize the importance of friendly competition. He said: “Jihoon, you can debut before me, or someone can, but it is important that we always support each other.”

Afterwards, the former trainee revealed that their life in the dorm was so close and intimate: “We are so rarely separated, there are funny situations among us when one used the bathroom, someone else went to the toilet and another one brushed their teeth, all happened at the same time, that’s how we bonded together.

Bit-Hoon talks about BTS’s true character: “We all know there are so many celebrities and idols trying to be different on TV, but BTS members are really sincere, cute and passionate, like pure innocence.

Sharing opinions on the success of BTS, Bit-Hoon stated: “If you open YouTube, you will see a lot of videos explaining the success of BTS, but if you ask me, as a person who has been stuck with BTS members for a year, I can honestly say as a third party, that the main reason for their success is because they are nice people and RM has good leadership.

Living with your real personality is a great way to live. However, for many reasons most idols have to live up to the image of their management company. Let their idols be comfortable to show their personality has set Big Hit apart from other companies, as well as helped BTS create a good impression with the public and build success from their honesty.

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