Choi Yena reveals various resemblances with (G)I-DLE Yuqi 

Solo artist Choi Yena mentioned her synergy with (G)I-DLE Yuqi, as well as their story of getting to know each other. 

On the afternoon of June 27th, Choi Yena held a showcase to commemorate the release of her second single album, “HATE XX”, at Blue Square in Hannam-dong, Seoul.

The title track, “Hate Rodrigo” (Feat. Yuqi  of (G)I-DLE), expresses admiration for a figure to be envied (Olivia Rodrigo) with cute jealousy, as well as conveys the message, “I hate everyone who’s better than me!”

Not only does Choi Yena participate in the lyrics and composition of the song, showcasing her significant growth as an artist, but Yuqi of (G)I-DLE also features in the song, adding to its charm.

At the showcase, Choi Yena mentioned that she and Yuqi knew each other before becoming close friends and shared behind-the-scenes stories. She also said, “It’s a truly special album because Yuqi featured in it.”

In addition, Choi Yena revealed, “I got to know Yuqi through ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships.’ We already knew each other before that. Fans often said that we resemble each other, (so) I was curious about this friend.” 

“When we talked during ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’, we connected really well”, Yena also said, adding, “Our musical styles were also quite similar. I thought it would be great for us to collaborate if there was an opportunity, and (this song) turned out to be a wonderful chance for us to work together.”

In particular, since (G)I-DLE’s latest title, “Queencard”, and Choi Yena’s “Hate Rodrigo” share the same composers, the two female idols’ collaboration naturally came to fruition.

Regarding the MV for “Hate Rodrigo”, Choi Yena said, “The music video concept gives off a ‘I’m the best’ vibe, which was a bit unfamiliar and challenging at first.” She then made everyone laugh by continuing, “But when Yuqi joined, she said she once had that kind of confidence during ‘Queencard’ and still couldn’t let it go. She told me to let myself go.”

In addition, Choi Yena mentioned the B-side track “Wicked Love” and expressed confidence, saying, “Since my solo debut, I haven’t properly showcased my performing skills. So, I wanted to show it through this song. I revealed it as a pre-release song, and I’m proud that the response was  good. It’s a song that I’ve cherished a lot.”

Choi Yena, who participated in writing her whole album, also conveyed her gratitude and mentioned, “I really love animations. There are people who help me envision and refine the stories and images I wanted to convey.” 

Finally, Choi Yena said, “Since it’s a genre I’m good at, I want to leave a lasting impression as Choi Yena with amazing stages and performances. As soon as (promotion for) the album ends, I will immediately go to Japan for activities. I’m planning to work hard, so please look forward to my active promotions in the future.”

Source: Daum

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