Fans Got Updated That BTS’s Suga Has Become A Division Leader In The Military

ARMYs finally got the first update of Suga in the military

Previously, on September 21, Suga wrote a heartfelt message to his fans, announcing his enlistment as a public service worker.

He said, “Hello, I’m Suga. I’m here to send my greetings! Thanks to ARMYs, I was able to be here. And now it’s time. I’ll be back after finishing my service with sincerity. Be careful of the chilly autumn change of seasons. Please be in good health. Let’s meet each other again in 2025! ARMY!!!! I’m always thankful and I love you.”

bts suga

This was allegedly the last update of the idol for fans. However, recently a Korean netizen named Kusam shared some information about Suga in the military as their boyfriend actually did his public service worker training at the same place with the idol. 

In particular, Kusam wrote, “Long time no see. I was so busy with school assignments and my boyfriend. My boyfriend, who is in the same academic year with me, went to public service training and met Yoongi (Suga). Yoongi bought water and Pepero for his team members. My boyfriend received them and gave them to me. I’m so happy.”

In another tweet, this netizen shared what they heard, “Yoongi… Min Yoongi… Min Yoon-ki, head of Pyeongchang Soo’s division… Aim for minimum energy-maximum efficiency. He maintains a harmonious atmosphere, time compliance, doesn’t allow indoor smoking, and he keeps his limits. It’s just like him, Min Yoongi… I can’t stop crying.”

Seeing this update, fans are happy to know their idol is now a division leader, who is doing well and well-loved in the military.

Source: koreaboo

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