BTS V: “I think ‘Fire’ showed our own colors and feelings the best”

Ahead of their June comeback, famous boy group BTS releases various behind-the-scenes stories about past albums through Melon Station. 

After the first episode on May 20th, BTS will appear on ‘BIGHIT MUSIC RECORD”, a Big Hit music program on Melon Station for 4 more Fridays, on the 27th, June 3rd, and June 10th.

BTS will release their anthem album “Proof” on the upcoming June 10th. Since this album commemorates the BTS’s 9 years in the industry, the group will reflect on their past releases and give commentary through Melon Station, which airs on the Melo app at 7 pm (KST) every Friday, three weeks before the release of “Proof”. 


First of all, RM, V, and Jin appeared in the May 20th episode of “BIGHIT MUSIC RECORD” and discussed behind stories in the past. Together, they recalled their trilogy album “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life”, saying: “It allowed us to have our first win”, and “I remember the first time we ranked first on Melon charts with ‘Run’”.


V also commented: “‘Fire’ seems to show the color of BTS the most and express most truly our raw reelings”. The trio then moved onto introducing a playlist they had selected. RM drew attention by recommending the indie group “Bon Iver”, while Jin and V recommended PSY’s “Celebrity” and “Brenda Lee”, respectively. 

On the May 27th episode of “BIGHIT MUSIC RECORD”, J-hope and Jungkook will appear and discussed their albums “WINGS” and “LOVE YOURSELF”, while Suga and Jimin will talk about “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA” and “BE” on June 3rd. 

Finally, the whole group will gather on June 10th to communicate with fans about their new album “Proof”, which embodies BTS’s past, present, and future. 

Source: Daum

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