BTS’s Butter has become the fastest MV to reach 10, 20 and 30 million views in history, reaching No.1 Melon

For BTS, no record is unbreakable. It is true that there are no limits to what BTS can do!

At exactly 13:00 on May 21 (KST), BTS officially returned to the Kpop race with MV Butter.  This is the group’s comeback after more than 6 months, also their first MV in 2021. With a series of great achievements already achieved from previous products, many people can’t help but be shocked when BTS continues to break the world record.

After only 13 minutes of release, MV Butter has officially reached 10 million views.  This number makes BTS the group with the fastest MV to reach 10 million views in YouTube history.  Previously, this record belonged to Dynamite with 20 minutes.

Soon after, Butter continued to hit the milestone of 20 million views, the fastest in history when it took only 54 minutes.

After 2 hours and 20 minutes, Butter reaches 30 million views and surpasses Dynamite (3 hours) to become the fastest MV to reach this milestone.

In the digital music segment, Butter quickly debuted at No. 1 on Melon 5 Minute, bringing the old song Dynamite to No. 2.

Butter’s displayed premiere views were recorded at 3.95 million, which is also the current world record.  Let’s wait for the official confirmation from YouTube.

It is true that there are no limits to BTS!

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