Park Eun Bin perfectly performed IVE’s “I Am” on stage in Japan

Actress Park Eun Bin had a good time with Japanese fans.

The agency Namoo Actors said on May 30th that Park Eun Bin had the second meeting with Japanese fans by holding “Park Eun Bin Official Fanclub ‘Bingo’ 1st Fan Party In Japan <Eun Bin Note: Hi Bingo>” at the Tokyo International Forum Hall, Japan on May 26th.

The agency explained that this show is the first fan party held after recruiting fanclub members, which added special meaning.


Park Eun Bin decorated the opening with DAY6’s “Time of Our Life”. Starting with sharing the joy of winning the grand prize in the TV category at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards, she spent time with fans through various games such as “I want to know everything about Eun Bin”, “Guessing songs” and “Talking with your body”.

Aside from IVE’s “Love Dive”, Park Eun Bin showed outstanding stage manners and dancing skills by performing IVE’s new song “I AM”.

The VCR and slogan events prepared by “Bingo” (name of Park Eun Bin’s fanclub) were touching. Park Eun Bin presented Japanese song performances and held various events.

Park Eun Bin, who completed a precious page of “Eun Bin Note” with Japanese Bingo following Korea, finished the show successfully.

Park Eun Bin is currently filming the drama “Diva of the Deserted Island”.

Source: Nate

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