ITZY members, who have “11-shaped abs”, also failed this “core strength” test

ITZY’s way to test the core strength is becoming a hot topic among netizens.

As summer approaches, more and more people have started exercising for a solid body line. The core strength test method that members of the popular girl group ITZY tried is being re-examined.


The method is simple. Get down on the floor and raise your legs with both knees bent.

At this time, it is important to attach two knees so that they do not spread apart.

ITZY members, who have solid abs, also failed to make it at once as if the posture was difficult.


Yeji and Chaeryeong struggled to lift their legs while Yuna raised her legs halfway, showing a faint possibility of success.

Only Ryujin proved her tremendous core strength by perfectly performing the movement.

itzy ryujin

As ITZY members could not do it easily, the test method drew more attention.

Even people who own outstanding motor nerves tried the above test and responded that it is difficult.

Netizens are showing keen interest, saying, “I’ll try it too.”


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