What makes Netflix’s fairytale-like musical drama “The Sound of Magic” binge-worthy? 

‘Do you believe in magic?’ K-drama “The Sound of Magic” is a fairytale for adults that is more interesting than you think. 

From a black-and-white webtoon to a drama adaptation 

The original well-loved webtoon titled “Annarasumanara”, has been reborn as a fantasy musical drama with music and dances added. It tells the story of a girl (Choi Sung Eun) who lost her dream and suddenly meets a mysterious magician, Lee Eul (Ji Chang Wook). A well-written storyline that has already been proven, moving songs and colorful magic are in perfect harmony. “The Sound of Magic” is a fairytale-like drama that will bring comfort to those who are exhausted by reality and forget their childhood innocence. 

The Sound Of Magic

The story of growth inside and outside the drama

At the press conference for “The Sound of Magic”, director Kim Sung Yoon chose the “story of growth” as the drama’s key point. The story of Lee Eul, an adult who wants to remain a child forever, and a girl who has grown up quickly, delivers magical comfort to viewers of various ages. Moreover, the enjoyable and refreshing combination of Ji Chang Wook, Choi Sung Eun, and Hwang In Yeop also makes “The Sound of Magic” worth watching. The director added, “The harmony created by the three characters is the most satisfying among their distinct characteristics.” The characters’ charm and chemistry that are different from their webtoon counterparts also gain attention. 

The Sound Of Magic

A feast to both the eyes and ears 

“The Sound of Magic” centers on the music, dance, and magic. Veteran producers, including director Park Sung Il, who was in charge of “Itaewon Class”, “Misaeng”, and “Signal”, lyricist Kim Ina, and choreographer Hong Se Jeong of the musical “Phantom” participated in the production of the drama to enhance its completeness. The drama is also a visually pleasing magic show. To have a realistic portrayal of a magician, Ji Chang Wook revealed that he learned magic directly from Lee Eun Gyeol, a famous magician. 

The Sound Of Magic

The post-credits curtain call!

Just as you wait for the movie credits to go up to watch the post-credits scene, you should also not miss the curtain call that appears after the credits in “The Sound of Magic”.  You can see the curtain call in the drama where the cast returns to the stage after the performance is over. When all the actors come out and sing songs to greet the audience, it also creates the illusion of seeing a musical. It is something that is rarely seen in dramas, so make sure to watch it until the very end.

The Sound Of Magic

Source: Daum

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