Jo Se Ho’s special friendship with BIG BANG Taeyang faces a crisis on “Hong Kim Dong Jeon”

Taeyang will play a loyalty game with his close friend Jo Se Ho and other cast members of “Hong Kim Dong Jeon”.

Episode 37 of KBS 2TV’s “Hong Kim Dong Jeon”, which is scheduled to air on May 18th, guest Taeyang and the cast members will play a loyalty game to receive the generous price of premium Korean beef, raising viewers’ excitement. 


Taeyang and the cast have to decide whether to eat the piece of Korean beef in front of them or not. In this game, only one out of the six members has to eat the beef for it to be considered a success. Therefore, Taeyang and the members try to synchronize their telepathic frequencies and come up with various strategies to win the game.

In particular, Jo Se Ho draws keen attention as he makes a bold pledge, saying, “If I eat the meat, I won’t call Taeyang for a year“. Jo Se Ho, known for his wide personal connections in the entertainment industry, boasts a strong friendship with Taeyang. They are close enough to do dance challenges together.


As Jo Se Ho expresses his strong will in choosing his friendship with Taeyang over Korean beef, viewers are curious about whether the two will be able to protect their special relationship until the game is over. It is said that Joo Woo Jae and Kim Sook protest, saying “You never call him”, making Jo Se Ho go speechless.

Unlike Jo Se Ho, who made a pledge, Taeyang firmly says, “I don’t make a bet. It’s not my style”, drawing laughter. With Taeyang’s hidden thoughts revealed, the game begins. The members and Taeyang are said to have been very astonished by the unbelievable result.

The results of the loyalty game and whether Jo Se Ho can protect his friendship with Taeyang can be found in the official broadcast airing at 8:30 p.m. on May 18th.

Source: Wikitree

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