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Choi Si Won revealed the story of when a broadcast was postponed for 10 minutes because he went to the bathroom after touching spicy chili pepper

Actor – Super Junior member Choi Si Won told a sad but funny story about spicy chili peppers.

The broadcast of SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” on November 6th showed Choi Si Won moving to Hongcheon, Gangwon-do to film ENA’s drama “Love Is for Suckers”.

On this day, Choi Si Won spent time having a meal with his co-star Lee Da Hee.

Choi Si Won said, “Lee Da Hee said she likes tteokbokki, so I prepared tteokbokki”, explaining why he chose that menu for lunch.

He opened the snack himself to make sure the food would not stain Lee Da Hee’s clothes and showed his manners by wiping the soda can with his T-shirt before handing it to Lee Da Hee.

choi siwon my little old boy

After eating tteokbokki for a while, Choi Si Won couldn’t help but exclaim “So spicy”. Seeing this scene, Lee Da Hee teased Choi Si Won, saying “You’re not good at eating spicy food, right?”.

In response, Choi Si Won said, “It really stimulates my desire to win”. He said the spicy taste reminded him of when he ate the world’s hottest chili pepper on a broadcast in the past.

He shared, “While filming ‘Explorers of the Human Body’, I once ate India’s hottest chili pepper. I still remember its name”, mentioning the story of Jolokia chili pepper.

During the broadcast at that time, Choi Si Won took a bite of the Jolokia chili pepper and responded, “It’s not spicy, isn’t it?”. Soon after, he sat down and couldn’t stop laughing when the pungent hot taste of the pepper spread all over his mouth.

Recalling tiring filming, Choi Si Won said, “At that time, I and the members went straight to the bathroom without washing our hands after touching the chili pepper. We couldn’t film for 10 minutes”, revealing that the broadcast was delayed for a while.

choi siwon my little old boy

Choi Si Won once again made Lee Da Hee and the viewers laugh hard with the way he expressed how hot and spicy the chili pepper was.

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