Can you believe it: Korean media predict that BLACKPINK will become the next BTS?

The Korean press has made the predicted arguments that the next BTS will not be a boy band but it is … BLACKPINK!

In the past 3 years, the K-Pop arena is still regarded as a roundabout with no one else but the global boy group BTS thanks to the unique achievements in all aspects and the rise and fall despite the fact that a company is not in BIG3.

The rise that is like a fairy tale called BTS

However, fans also ask themselves, with a list of long-lasting achievements, the popularity that is not the global form, who will be able to rise up to win the favor with the name “next BTS”? This question is not intended to find a group that is like BTS in a literal sense, but above all, a group can leave a deep impression on the international arena as a Korean artist!

In response to this question, the JoongAng Ilbo – one of the three largest mainstream newspapers in Korea published since 1965 with nearly 2 million daily releases in 2004 – has made its own judgment that “Next BTS” will not be a boy band but a girl group: “Many boy bands like Seventeen, Monsta X or GOT7 have been building a huge international fan base through their world tours over the past 2-3 years, but the public will pay more attention to girl groups because the core of the music market is to pursue freshness. ” Music critics in South Korea concur with this statement on JoongAng Ilbo.

So why does JoongAng Ilbo choose BLACKPINK?


The numbers speak

First of all, let’s start with the numbers and the records – which K-Pop fans still often show off when talking about their idols. On the Youtube segment, one of the effective tools to promote to international fans, it is easy to see that BLACKPINK is taking over from BTS. At the time of 2016, we have TWICE as the boss of Youtube in Korea. In 2017, BTS rose strongly and set up a private empire with MVs which have millions of views. In 2018, that position was already taken by BLACKPINK. The MV “DDU-DU DDU-DU” was released between June 2018 but has now become the most watched music video of a Korean group, gradually approaching the milestone of 700 million views with a daily view count of over 2 million views. The official Youtube channel of 4 YG girls owns more than 19.3 million subscribers and makes it the Korean group with the highest number of subscribers and the 19th among global artists owning YouTube channels.

BLACKPINK’s nearly 3-year-old Youtube channel is about 20 million times
They overcome many famous names like Adele to stand alongside Selena Gomez, David Guetta, … (Photo: Top 10-20 music channel’s Youtube channel with the most subscribers)

“DDU-DU DDU-DU” is currently the MV of a K-Pop music group with the most views on Youtube

BLACKPINK dance video also has a huge amount of views that many other groups also envy!

The JoongAng Ilbo also added: “The number of people who watched the BLACKPINK Youtube channel surpassed 19 million. Last year when they received the Diamond button from Youtube at the same time as BANGTANTV of BTS, more and more people clicked to register. BLACKPINK channel also has an advantage as while Big Hit uploaded the official MV to ibighit channel, YG gave each artist a separate Youtube channel, so the difference of registration is understandable. “

If the numbers are a measure the popularity of a group to a certain extent, then BLACKPINK is truly worthy of the love that Korean media has for them.

BLACKPINK has dominated the list of listeners on Spotify over the past few months, far from BTS at No. 2. In addition, Jennie has also held the No. 3 position.
“DDU-DU DDU-DU” with outstanding achievements on iTunes …
… also helped BLACKPINK become the first female gr1oup since Wonder Girls to enter the Billboard Hot 100

The appearance on American television

BLACKPINK is really pushing to the American market! The 4 YG girls have repeatedly appeared on American television at popular shows like Good Morning America or The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Although the quality of the performance is not really perfect and receives some criticism from netizens, undeniably these first steps have helped BLACKPINK separate from K-Pop groups. It can be said that 4 girls are the most successful girl group in the world No. 1 music market, up to the present time.

BLACKPINK on “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” show …

… and with “Good morning America”

Cooperation with US-UK producer

Actually, BLACKPINK has officially become an American artist when YG signed a contract for 4 girls with one of America’s leading record labels – Interscope Records. With all the activities in the USA, fans and experts alike expect BLACKPINK to soon become a big name thanks to their “American” trip this time!

President Yang Hyun Suk took pictures with famous producers of Interscope Record – Universal Music Group

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