“Now, We Are Breaking Up” revealed their script reading meeting with Song Hye-kyo

The script reading meeting with actress Song Hye-kyo for the drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” was revealed.

On October 6, SBS’s new drama ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ released a video of the script reading meeting through YouTube channel ‘SBS Catch’. 

Song Hye-kyo greeted the production crew and other actors, “I feel very excited and nervous as well. I’m so happy to be able to work with my seniors and fellow actors that I respect”. At the same time, Song Hye-kyo shared her wish, “I hope we can make a lot of good memories until the end.”

Actor Jang Ki-yong (29) showed his determination, “I am honored to be with my big seniors in this incredible work. I’ll do my best to prove myself and keep up with everyone.”

The script reading meeting was serious when the actors started practicing their lines, but they sometimes burst into laughter, raising viewers’ expectation to the fullest.

In particular, viewers are impressed by Song Hye-kyo’s chic line “It’s hard not to like me” in reply to “He seems to really like you”. Her timeless beauty shone throughout the meeting.

As the main leads, Song Hye-kyo and Jang Ki-yong will play Ha Young-eun and Yoon Jae-guk in the drama. The first episode is expected to air in November.

Source: Nate

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