BUZZ: Jung Joon Young’s tied up and cuffed during his transfer to the police station to wait for the arrest warrant

Jung Joon Young is tied up during his way to the police station to wait for the arrest warrant from the judge.

At about 10:30 AM (March 21st), Jung Joon Young showed up at Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for the iterrogation before the judge decide whether to imprison him or not. After 1 hour and 48 minutes, at 12:18 PM, Jung Joon Young was escorted by 2 policemen while being cuffed to transfer to the nearest police station.

The suspect will be imprisoned while waiting for the final arrest warrant from the judge (estimately tonight or early tomorrow  morning). The public is stirred up by the image of the person, who was once a famous celebrity but is only a cuffed sick criminal now, with his head down and is being escorted by the police.

Jung Joon Young is cuffed and tightly tied up.
He kept his head down, frowned in front up the continuous question from the media and seemed ashamed due to being cuffed.
Jung is temporarily kept in prison to wait for the judge’s warrant.

Source: kenh14

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