BTS’s Jungkook boasts impressive popularity as his individual live broadcast attracts 9.5 million real-time viewers 

BTS’s Jungkook recently celebrated his birthday with fans through a live broadcast that recorded 9.5 million viewers in real time. 

At 10:30 pm KST on September 1st, BTS’s Jungkook had three birthday live broadcasts on the fan community Weverse under the titles of “26th Birthday,” “Birthday Karaoke,” and “Karaoke Again.”

Jungkook expressed gratitude to the fans around the world and the events they prepared to celebrate his birthday, saying, “Thank you for congratulating me on my birthday. Thank you for always doing so much. I saw all the cafes, billboards, buses, subways, and overseas events. It was crazy.” 

BTS Jungkook

Jungkook continued, “I felt that I am really loved. I am very grateful for the huge scale of the things you prepared for my birthday. If I had several bodies, I would have visited every event, but I am sorry that I couldn’t.”

Jungkook also said he saw a YouTube video by comedian Kim Yong Myung in which he filmed himself visiting some Jungkook birthday cafes and having a fun time with ARMYs. He said he enjoyed the video and revealed that he’s a fan of the comedian. 

Regarding his recently released individual photobook with the vampire concept, Jungkook said, “It was difficult to decide on the concept. I hope you like it.” He also shared his favorite photo.

For the karaoke part of his live broadcast, Jungkook showed off his honey-like melting vocals by singing “Butterfly,” “Love Is Not Over,” “Blue and Grey,” “Autumn Leaves,” “Magic Shop”, etc.

BTS Jungkook

Jungkook sang “Ddaeng”, “Mic Drop”, “Left And Right” and “Bad Decisions” with his unique pop vocals and refreshing voice. He also sweetly performed Lee Seung-gi’s “Because You’re My Woman” without accompaniment, giving fans a gift-like time such as ear-pleasing and heart-throbbing.

On that day, Jungkook wore pajamas and conducted broadcasts with a natural and comfortable atmosphere as well as a boyfriend-like sweet charm, stimulating excitement.

bts jungkook

In addition, Jungkook captivated fans by exuding a sexy masculine beauty with his dazzling long-haired handsome visuals and Pacific-like shoulders.

Fans left comments such as “I got emotional when Jungkook sang”, “I hope Jungkook had the happiest birthday ever”, “Jungkook was born to be loved”, “I’ve said it a hundred times, but he’s really good at singing”, “I cried a lot because he sang Magic Shop as the last song”…

Jungkook’s personal broadcast “26th Birthday”, which lasted for about 56 minutes, showed explosive popularity with 9,546,399 real-time viewers and 200 million likes.

In addition, as of Sep 3rd, Jungkook’s personal broadcasts “26th Birthday”, “Birthday Karaoke” and “Karaoke Again” exceeded 11.9 million, 4 million and 6.5 million views.

Meanwhile, Jungkook had a pleasant time with member Jin, who visited with shine muscat, making a wish, blowing out cake candles and singing happy birthday.

Source: naver

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