Song Ji A (Single‘s Inferno) revealed a lifeless image with puffy eyes after the scandal of using fake designer goods

The hottest beauty in “Single‘s Inferno” seems to be going through depression after being criticized by netizens for wearing fake designer goods.

Recently, Song Ji A – the hottest beauty on the dating show “Single‘s Inferno” has been caught in a scandal of wearing counterfeit of famous brands. The scandal was so serious that Korean netizens simultaneously boycotted and criticized her badly because they thought that the female YouTuber was deceiving the audience and collecting advertising money.  


Most recently, on social media, the image of Song Ji A has appeared on the film set and seemed to be completing her schedule. In the photo, the beauty of the “Single‘s Inferno” doesn’t look as fresh as usual, especially with her puffy eyes. Netizens think that rather than trying to film at this sensitive time, she should just stay alone for the scandal to pass.

The photo of Song Ji A at the film set despite being in the middle of the scandal.
The photo of Song Ji A at the film set despite being in the middle of the scandal.

An account on a social platform said, “The officials said that they thought Song Ji A would cancel filming because the controversy had become too big. But she appeared on the set and said that at least she should have a sense of responsibility”.  

However, there is no evidence that this is the latest photo of Song Ji A after such a big dispute in her career. Many people speculate that the photo was taken when the female YouTuber ran a schedule after getting famous thanks to “Single‘s Inferno”.


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