Surprised… Moon Ga-young released photos of herself in a dress that complemented her body and elegance 

Actress Moon Ga-young is attracting attention with her glamorous body and bold costume choice.

On September 30th, Moon Ga-young posted several updates on her Instagram. The uploaded photo showed Moon Ga-young participating in a brand event.

Image: Moon Ga-young’s Instagram

In the photo, Moon Ga-young was posing in a black dress that embraced her body. She was also seen wearing colorful jewelry. In particular, Ga-young caught attention by showing off her body curve in a dress with a deep square line.

Moon Ga-young is one of the successful child actors, starting acting when she was 10 years old. From her first role ever until now, the actress has received favorable reviews for her vocalization, pronunciation, and emotional expression.

Several notable works of Moon Ga-young include JTBC’s “Mirror of the Witch”, SBS’ “Don’t Dare to Dream”, MBC’s “Tempted”, JTBC’s “Welcome to Waikiki 2”, MBC’s “Find Me in Your Memory” and tvN’s “True Beauty”. Recently, the actress appeared on tvN’s “Link: Eat, Love, Kill” and performed wonderfully.

Source: wikitree

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